Our Mission

We exist to connect people to God and each other.

Building a BRIDGE to all through

  • Big Asks  invite, inquire, invest
  • Bold Devotion  decide, dedicate, deliver
  • Broad Compassion  seek, save, serve

THE BRIDGE is people asking spiritual questions together while going on a journey. We are real people with real struggles, who are curious about God, but turned off by “status quo” religion. We don’t claim to have all the answers. BUT we’re not afraid to ask the questions. And when we discover the God given answer, we courageously follow God’s lead.

Our Accountability

We are joyfully members of the Free Methodist Church USA!  


Love God | Love People | Love Others

Expected outcomes of all Free Methodist Churches:

  1. Prayer saturated congregation
  2. Worshiping congregation
  3. Disciplined congregation
  4. Evangelizing congregation
  5. Reproducing congregation
  6. Culture – engaging congregation
  7. World Mission congregation
  8. Purpose-Driven congregation

To learn more about our beliefs and Free Methodist heritage, please see www.fmcusa.org